Stop Yawning and Start Flourishing

Stop Yawning and Start Flourishing

We are just a week in to the launch of our new Williams and Hall Outfitters website.  Our goal had been to create the most authoritative website about planning a paddling adventure in the Boundary Waters and Quetico wildernesses.  We still have a few bugs to work out, but I think we achieved our goal.  Whether or not you book a trip with Williams and Hall, you now have a great resource to plan with.  (Of course, we really, really want you to book your trip with us.)

However, the great planning resources are not what I am most proud of.  If you look at the bottom of any page on the new website, you will find a link to our mission statement and core values.  You yawn and say so what.   For you yawners, here’s the deal.  We actually believe in our mission statement.  It took us a long time to think about and write.  We live it in everything we do at Williams and Hall.

Our mission statement is inspired by John Ehrenfeld.  John is a thought leader in the world of sustainability, and an acquaintance of mine.  John has reframed the entire dialogue around sustainability.  He defines sustainability as “the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever”.  John has extended sustainability from a concept of maintenance to a much more dynamic state of flourishing.

Our mission statement starts off with the statement that “We believe that in wilderness experience life is enriched, character is strengthened and the soul is refreshed.”  We think this because of our own experiences and from the countless stories that our customers have told us over the years.  Travelling in wilderness, away from the technical and other distractions of life puts one in a positive frame of mind – refreshed and ready to come back to everyday challenges, perhaps with a different perspective.

We do our best to help you have that positive experience by adhering to the next part of our mission – “we strive to provide excellent, engaging, fun and safe adventures in the wilderness enhanced by great lodging, reliable equipment, tasty food and expert local knowledge that inspires confidence for people of all ages”.  When we achieve this, the chances of a person having that enriching and refreshing wilderness adventure are much higher.

Our mission closes with the statement that “In doing so in an honest manner, we help the human spirit to flourish and thrive”.  Yes, we want to earn a good living doing our jobs, but it is much than that to us.  We want to run our business in an honest manner where you can know that we will do our best to deliver what you have asked for.  And, we take great delight when we succeed in seeing our customers/friends flourish and thrive.  When this happens, we have contributed a little bit towards John Ehrenfeld’s vision of sustainability.

Paddle On.  Be Free.