Think Hunter Island Epic Paddling Adventure This Summer


Are you up for the ultimate Boundary Waters/Quetico paddling adventure this summer? Then consider the Hunter Island loop. This once in a lifetime adventure canoe trip is for the seasoned paddler who wants to put his or her outdoor skills to the test.

What is Hunter Island?

Hunter Island is not an actual island. Instead, it is a large landmass in Quetico Provincial Park. Large and remote, Hunter Island occupies the area between two of the most historically significant fur trade routes in northern Ontario. The French fur traders of old called the area “Iles des Chasseurs” – the Isles of the Hunters.

Hunter Island is bounded:
• To the south by Otterback, Knife and Basswood Lakes.
• To the east by Lake Saganaga.
• To the north by Lake Kawnipi, and Lake Sturgeon.
• To the west by the Maligne River.

Hunter Island is approximately 45 miles by 32 miles in size.

The Paddle Trip Itself

At a distance of 130 miles or more, depending upon the route you choose, the Hunter Island canoe trip is not for the faint of heart. You will encounter some tough portages. You will likely encounter some wind and waves on the big lakes. It is a long trip so you will be packing a lot of food. And, of course, bugs.

However, the payoff for your effort is huge! Quetico Provincial Park and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area are among the finest canoe wildernesses in the world. Spanning over two million roadless acres, it is simply an incredible place. Some say that the word Quetico was borrowed from a Cree Indian term meaning a benevolent spirit whose presence can be strongly felt in places of great beauty. Indeed!

Here are some of the highlights you can expect to encounter as you paddle the Hunter Island loop.
• Incredible wildlife including eagles, moose, loons, and possibly a black bear or timber wolf.
• World-class fishing for walleye, bass, lake trout, and northern pike.
• Beautiful waterfalls like Split Rock Falls.
• The old mine on This Man Lake.
• Pictographs that are Indian rock paintings indicating an ancient woodland culture once occupied this region.

The Hunter Island loop can be completed in a little as six days. However, you would be smart to give yourself eight to ten days, or more, to truly get the most from this epic adventure.

One last note. Did you know you can start and finish the Hunter Island epic padding adventure right from the dock at Williams and Hall? No van rides or other nonsense. Just walk out to our dock and go!

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