Planning a Classic BWCA Trip – Great Article

Planning a Classic BWCA Trip – Great Article

Sometimes we come across articles that we think you might enjoy.  This article from Lisa Schwarz at the St. Cloud Times is a great resource for planning a classic trip into the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park.

If you’re planning a trip to the boundary waters this summer, and haven’t booked yet, you might already behind the eight-ball. So give her article a good read if you’ve done some basic research about the BWCA. Lisa will give you some tips on who you should be looking to book with, where you should be looking for entry points and more!

 We hope you enjoy it.

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When it comes to the boundary waters Williams and Hall strive to be not only the most knowledgable outfitter in the BWCA but the outfitter with the best gear and tackle. We want you to think of us first when you’re planning your trip to Canoe Country. We’re located right on Moose Lake (Entry point #25) and have guides that will put you on the fish, former scoutmasters if your troop is looking for a High Adventure, and can even set you up with one of our all-inclusive canoe packages. If you’re looking for more information on the BWCA, and for booking a Classic Canoe Trip, click here or visit our contact us page and give us a call at 218-365-5837 We’ll be glad to help you plan and get your permits on your next boundary waters trip.

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