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Paddlers have been coming to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) and Quetico wildernesses for nearly a century to enjoy some of the best paddling in the most beautiful place in the world. With over 2 million acres with 2,000 interconnected lakes, the possibilities for wilderness canoe travel are endless, including the fabled Hunters Island route. There are no prescribed “Hours of Operation.” No schedule to keep. This is wilderness camping and paddling the way it was done 100 years ago (with a few modern conveniences added).

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Whether you desire to canoe 3 miles or 300, we can accommodate you. Many of our guests will pack up every morning and canoe on to the next site paddling and portaging from one lake to the next. For these trips, the fun is in the travel. They love to paddle into new country and experience some of the magnificent natural wonders that abound in this true wilderness area. They realize that they have to break camp and move their equipment and canoes to the next campsite and set up camp again. We have all the right gear and equipment to facilitate these trips. We are experts in Ultra-lightweight canoe camping. We provide Kevlar canoes, filling and tasty trail food and durable, compact camping gear – essential ingredients for safe and comfortable wilderness travel.


One of the greatest challenges an outfitter in Canoe Country faces is trying to convince their visitors that often times, more is just more, not necessarily better. Meaning, you don’t have to canoe a long distance to have a wonderful experience in the Boundary Waters and Quetico. Many of our guests will go into the woods, canoe a couple of lakes, do a couple of portages, find a great campsite, and park there. This allows them to establish a comfortable camp and maximize their time relaxing, not just canoeing.

If you are a fisherman, this also allows you to spend a whole lot more time fishing. You never have to worry about finding a vacant campsite, having dry firewood, or getting the tent set up before dark. This type of canoe trip is perfect for families with young kids, seniors that don’t have Sherpas, and fisherman that actually want to catch fish.

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Many experienced paddlers are not exactly sure what a canoe country “Outfitter” can do for them. We live in a “do it yourself” age, and no one wants to pay for things they don’t need, or feel like they have been taken advantage of. So let’s talk for just a moment about what it is that a canoe outfitter can help you with.

First, they will help you come up with a plan for your canoe trip. This is THE key to a great canoe trip. In a 2 million acre wilderness area with 2,000+ lakes, it really helps to have someone that can tell you about different canoe routes and conditions, as well as help direct you to areas where you are most likely to satisfy your expectations.


Second, they will help secure your entry permits for you and facilitate all the paperwork requirements, e.g. Remote Area Border Crossing documents, fishing licenses, etc. True you can obtain these on your own, but often times there are glitches in the various systems and bureaucracies and we are experienced at helping resolve these sticky issues.

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Third, we have the right canoes for canoe country, and importantly, these canoes are equipped the right way, with appropriate canoe seats and portage yokes. You do NOT want to be out in woods and have your canoe fall apart. NOT GOOD!


Fourth, we have a complete array of gear and equipment for your camping trip. We have the best in tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, packs, tarps, cooking gear, stoves and basically anything else you need to go camping in a very unforgiving wilderness area.


Fifth, we can provide all your food for the canoe trip. We have the best menu of trail food available. It includes fresh food such as steaks, bacon, and eggs. It also has a wide variety of some of the best freeze-dried food available. You simply fill out a menu, submit it online and the food is packed and ready for you when you get here.

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Sixth, we serve as a great base of operations for your canoe trip. We can provide first and last night lodging in our bunkhouse, dinner, and breakfast in our dining room, transportation to and from your canoe entry points.


Finally, we are your safety net. Our most serious responsibility is to make sure our guests are armed with all the information they need to complete a safe and fun canoe trip. We have a parking lot where you can leave your vehicle. We coordinate any messages that come from folks back home. Should there be any problems in the woods, we are here to make sure all the help you need gets to you.

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