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A trip into Canoe Country from Ely, Minnesota can be a wonderful experience. The solitude, beauty and challenge of wilderness camping is a great way to leave the stress of everyday life behind. As part of that stress relief, we want to make your trip planning simple and enjoyable. Let Williams and Hall Outfitters your next trip.

Keeping the Peace On Your Next BWCA Canoe Adventure

Many years ago, on a hot day, we were portaging over a tough trail that seemed to go straight up.  I wondered where some of the others in our canoe party were.  They had not shown up for the second trip across the portage.  When I came over the top of the hill and arrived...
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Knife Tips for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

We recommend that smart BWCA campers usually carry the following four items for safety and practicality: a whistle, fire starter, compass and a knife. [caption id="attachment_3289" align="aligncenter" width="388"] outfitters ely bwca There all kinds of knives to choose from.[/caption] Today, we are going...
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