The Best Entry Point in the Boundary Waters

Williams and Hall on Superior Moose Lake, the perfect entry point.

Moose Lake is the best departure point for your BWCA canoe trip because you don't start with a car trip or long portage. In addition, more Canadian and Minnesota canoe country routes are available from Moose Lake than anywhere else in the Ely area.  Since our dock is less than 1/2 mile from the edge of the Boundary Waters wilderness, you can start your trip paddling right from our base.  Or we can give you a tow (water shuttle) to jump-start your adventure.  Since we are only a few miles from Quetico Park, we can also tow you right to the Canadian Border and Ranger Station.  You will not find a better place to be outfitted and begin your canoe country camping adventure.

Why Choose Our Moose Lake Location

Don’t be fooled by in-town locations. You will be spared the nuisance and added expense of hauling your equipment to the starting point. You will save several hours and get further into the wilderness on your first day.

Unquestionably, the Moose Lake area is the best departure point into the BWCA and Quetico wilderness areas. Canoeists familiar with the Boundary Waters and the Quetico Park know that the most strategic starting point for their canoe trip is Moose Lake.

What are my options for my Paddling Adventure?

If you want options on your BWCA canoe trip, this is the area for you! Three to ten-day loops can be easily found. Each one having options to shorten or lengthen the trip as you see fit. Sometimes the weather can hold up your travel progress, sometimes finding a great fishing spot can also change your plans! This area offers solutions to almost every route variable that comes up.

  • More Canadian and Minnesota canoe routes are accessible from Moose Lake and we are 1/2 mile from the BWCAW boundary and 5 miles from the Quetico Park.
  • The Canadian Ranger station at Prairie Portage, where all trips entering the southern part of Quetico Park must start, is conveniently located along your route. You can paddle directly to it without portaging, or take advantage of a motorized shuttle ride directly to the border.
  • The Moose Lake Chain is easily navigable. It does not start with a portage!
  • We are just minutes away from the Lake One, Snowbank, Ojibway and Wood Lake entry points. Depart from any of these entries and you have a variety of routes terminating at our Moose Lake base. You can paddle right back to our docks. We provide transportation to these, as well as all other entry points.

Boundary Waters Entry Points Supported

6 - Slim Lake
14 - Little Indian Sioux River (north)
16 - Moose/Portage River (north)
19 - Stuart River
20 - Angleworm Lake
22 - Mudro Lake (restricted--no camping on Horse Lake)
23 - Mudro Lake
26 - Wood Lake
28 - Snowbank Lake Only
29 - Ojibway Lake/North Kawishiwi River
30 - Lake One
32 - South Kawishiwi River
33 - Little Gabbro Lake
34 - Island River
35 - Isabella Lake
36 - Hog Creek
71 - From CANADA
77 - South Hegman Lake
24 - Fall Lake
25 - Moose Lake
27 - Snowbank Lake
31 - Farm Lake
F - Moose Lake Chain Only
G - Moose Lake to Prairie Portage

Quetico Entry Points Supported

23 - Mack Lake
51 - Basswood River
52 - Sarah Lake
53 - Kahshahapiwi Lake
61 - Agnes Lake
62 - Carp Lake