Meet Your Hosts

Our hosts - Dave, Blayne, Charlene and Kevin - have extensive experience in canoeing, kayaking, camping, fishing, and backpacking. They all live full-time on Moose Lake (except for Kevin) and have traveled extensively in the Boundary Waters and Quetico Canoe Country. Their pleasure lies in introducing others to this vast and incredibly fascinating wilderness area.

Dave Sebesta boundary water guided canoe trips

Dave Sebesta

Dave comes from LaGrange, IL. His passion for canoe country was born in 1980 when he came to this area fresh out of high school to work for the summer. Since that time, Dave has traveled throughout the Quetico Provincial Park and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness learning their portages, lakes, campsites, and fishing spots. He has been working in the outfitting industry for over 20 years. He is our General Manager. You will find him pitching in wherever there is something that needs doing. Dave is also a superb nature photographer and you will find his prints at many of the finer shops in Ely. Dave lives on Moose Lake year round and besides photography enjoys hiking, fishing (he is superb), canoeing and camping with his wife Eva, and son, David.

Charlene Hall boundary waters kayak camping trips

Charlene Hall

Charlene was born in Coalville, UT and grew up in Morgan, UT. She graduated from Utah State University in Logan with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Charlene learned skills there that she has been applying to her husband for years. She has spent many years instructing and leading youth groups and has been instrumental in the development of a number of youth programs for both elementary kids and teenagers. Charlene is the mother of 5 kids and has still found time to be involved in countless community activities. She has been very active in the Scouting program, most recently as a Den Leader and Cubmaster. Her hobbies include all types of crafts, sewing, skiing, scuba diving, wilderness paddling, and traveling.

Blayne Hall Minnesota canoe trips

Blayne Hall

Blayne hails from Canton, Ohio. He was raised in Morgan, UT. He graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point, NY, and then served 8 years as a US Army Officer. Following his military service, he received an M.B.A. and an M.A. in International Relations from BYU. He then worked as a Partner in a real estate development company in Chicago for 10 years. Blayne is an Eagle Scout with extensive scouting experience. He attended the 1969 National Scout Jamboree, is a Wood Badge graduate, and has received such awards as the Scouter's Key and Scouter Training Award. He is a 6 time Scoutmaster and 3 time Explorer Post Advisor. Blayne currently serves as a Scoutmaster.

Blayne is also an E.M.T., and actively pursues mountain climbing, scuba diving and cross-country bicycling along with wilderness paddling as hobbies. He also takes the lead in guiding our international trips in Europe and Central America.

Kevin Lynch canoeing the boundary waters

Kevin Lynch

Kevin lives in the Chicago area and worked with Blayne in Chicago real estate during the 1990's.  He has been providing business and wilderness expertise to Williams and Hall since 2004, and most recently has taken on digital marketing responsibilities.  Kevin first visited the Boundary Waters as a scout leader when his son was a young Boy Scout.  Some of you may have seen Kevin (the fair-skinned CPA with a PhD in Organization Development) having the time of his life fishing Moose Lake, canoeing throughout the Boundary Waters, or camping as far from civilization as he can get.  Kevin is a life-long avid outdoors man who particularly enjoys fly fishing and wilderness camping.  (He wears a lot of sun screen.) Also, some of you may know Kevin's son, Brian (now an Eagle Scout), who spent many summers working at Williams and Hall before finishing college.

Our Team Members

We recruit college-age summer team members from universities and communities across the country. Our leadership team is very careful about who we hire because these team members directly impact your adventure experience. We are very proud of our young adult team and believe they are best group in Canoe Country. We are confident you will agree.