Canoe Tow ServiceBWCA Canoe Tow Service and Van Transportation

BWCA tows and transportation are a specialty of ours.  Our Canoe Country Lodge sits on the edge of Moose Lake right at the entrance to the Boundary Waters and Quetico wildernesses, about 20 miles outside of Ely. From our lodge, many routes can be easily accessed. However, some of these routes may require a canoe tow or van ride from our lodge.

Canoe Tow Service Gives You a Headstart

To be sure, you can paddle right into the Boundary Waters from our dock. However, you may want a bit of a head start. Our BWCA tows and transportation services allow you to get deeper into the heart of the Boundary Waters and Quetico more quickly on the first day of your adventure.

We have a large private fleet of canoe towboats that leave from our dock every morning. Our towboats are specially outfitted motorboats that allow us to take your canoes, gear and you to the edge of the no-motor zone of the wilderness. You eliminate about a half-day of paddling on the large choppy lakes where the BWCA begins. We can also tow your party to the Quetico Ranger Station at Prairie Portage.

We can also arrange to pick your party up at the end of your trip and tow you back to our lodge. We agree on a pre-determined time and location to pick you up.

Tow departure and pick-up times are customized to each customer’s needs.

Per Person Each Way (Minimum tow charge 2 person rate):

transporting canoe bwca


Entry PointComplete OutfittingPartial Outfitting
Ensign Portage$23.00$28.00
Prairie Portage/Birch Lake$26.00$33.00
Lincoln Island$87.00$103.00
Back Bay$97.00$120.00


10% Discount on round trip tows. Youth 15 and under 1/2 price when accompanied by a parent. 3% USFS User Fee on US tows.

Van Transportation to Surrounding Lakes

Given the unique location of our lodge, several excellent canoe routes originate on lakes in our area. When your route does not originate on Moose Lake, Williams and Hall has multiple vehicles to take you to your launch point. We can also pick you at an arranged time and location at the end of your adventure.van transportation to surrounding BWCA Lakes

Per Vehicle Each Way:

Entry PointComplete OutfittingPartial Outfitting
Lake Oneno charge$25.00
Snowbank Lakeno charge$40.00
Wood/Ojibwayno charge$25.00
Fall Lake$25.00$60.00
Mudro Lake$130.00$155.00
Nina-Moose Lake$180.00$205.00


For those flying into Hibbing, Duluth or Minneapolis airports, we can supply the names and numbers of local taxis and car rentals. Please contact our office for more details.