What Gear Do I need to Bring on a BWCA/Quetico Paddling Adventure?

As with any outdoor endeavor, there is some essential equipment that will make your adventure, safer and more enjoyable. A proper BWCA packing list is essential.  Having the right personal gear can make the difference for having a great canoe trip. The goal is to balance comfort with carrying gear over portages.

Don’t Get Stuck Up a Creek Without a Paddle! Here Is the Williams and Hall List Of Essential Gear Needed For A Paddling Trip

Here are our suggestions for key things to pack on your Each of our Complete Outfitting guests should bring the following personal items:

A few fishing tackle items in our shop.

Gear For Canoeingwhat to bring on a canoe adventur

Williams and Hall can help with all your outfitting canoe gear needs talk to us about the following items to help complete your BWCA packing list:

  • Canoes -We offer different canoe options
    • We-No-Nah Kevlar canoes – Weight 42 to 65 lbs
    • Lightweight Alumicraft aluminum canoes – Weight 42 to 65 lbs
    • (First to offer!) Carbon fiber ultra-lightweight canoes – Weight 35 lbs
  • Paddle ( 1 per paddler)
  • An Extra Paddle
  • Camping Gear
  • Life Jackets
  • Seat
  • Dry Bags
  • Float Bags
  • (ask us about other optional gear for your trip)

Williams and Hall Pack

OverNight Camping Gear

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Rain Fly
  • Water Filter
  • Camping Chairs
  • Bug Net
  • AM/FM radio (weather radio)
  • Rope (For hanging Food)
  • Toilet Kit (including Small personal towel)
  • SUNSCREEN (Very Important)
  • Flashlight (A headlamp works best.)
  • Compass (GPS optional w/extra batteries)
  • Knife/Sharpening Stone
  • Matches in a waterproof case
  • Sewing/Repair Kit
  • INSECT REPELLENT (Very Important)
  • First Aid Kit (Know how to use what you bring.)

*We will provide the large canoe packs for your trip once you arrive at our base.

Necessary Clothing

  • 1 pr of sturdy cotton trousers (jeans are fine)
  • 1 heavy wool shirt and 1 cotton shirt
  • 2 sets of underwear
  • 1 medium weight pr of long (insulated) underwear (Spring & Fall trips)
  • Hat and gloves (Spring & Fall trips)
  • 3 pairs of medium weight wool socks
  • Reliable 2-piece set of raingear
  • Shoes with ankle support
  • 1 extra pr of comfortable shoes for around camp
  • Moisture-wicking cloths work great and are recommended.

*Personal gear should be contained in dry bags or plastic bags.

Optional Other Gear

  • Camera/film,
  • Book to read
  • Deck of cards
    • Please be aware that cell phones and other mobile devices do not work in the wilderness area.
  • Binoculars
  • Journal / Notebook and Pen or Pencil
  • Fishing Gear
  • Beverage
  • Nylon cord or bungee cords
  • Duct tape for repairs

With fifty years of experience, we know the necessary items you should bring for a Great Trip

We want you to have a great experience when visiting the boundary waters, one of the ways we can help make that happen is making sure you’re outfitted with the right gear to give you that experience. At Williams and Hall, we’re dedicated to making sure you have all the items on your list checked off before you hit the water. Contact Us today to get your next trip planned. 218.365.5837