The Best BWCA Routes and Quetico Routes For Your Canoe Trip

As part of our service, we help you plan the best BWCA and Quetico canoe routes for your trip. We know the BWCA and Quetico Wilderness well, and can help you choose the canoe route to best meet your needs. We then make sure you are completely familiar with your equipment before you leave our dock for your adventure.  And we carry the best BWCA Boundary Waters maps, too.

Customized Boundary Waters Route Planning for Maximum enjoyment

The Canoe Country is a vast area, and from our post on Moose Lake, near Ely, Minnesota, you can strike out in any direction. It is important that you choose the entry point and route that is best for your BWCA canoe trip. You may desire a challenging or more relaxing circular route, or you may prefer to set up a base camp, one or two days out, and make side trips from there.  Or you may simply want to do a day trip.  We help you with BWCA and Quetico canoe trip planning.

Whatever the case, we will help you make the final selection of your route. We will go over the route in detail on Fisher maps, which are large-scale waterproof maps, marking the best campsites, fishing holes, and points of interest, such as Indian pictographs and waterfalls. We stock all of the maps that you will need on your trip.

Our Staff will Run You Through a Canoe and Camping Equipment Orientation so you feel prepared even before you hit the water.

Based upon your need, we provide a very thorough orientation program prior to your departure. We will familiarize you with your canoe and teach basic canoeing and portaging skills that will ensure a safe and more enjoyable trip. We will show you how to select a tent site and erect a tent. All of our camping equipment will be reviewed.

The techniques of outdoor cooking and your personalized food menu will be discussed in detail. This orientation coupled with our extensive and detailed map routing of your trip will thoroughly prepare you for a memorable experience canoeing through Canoe Country.

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The boundary waters is a great place to reconnect with nature and create new memories. If you need help making a reservation or to plan your trip Contact our lodge in Ely Minnesota or call 218.365.5837.

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