Important BWCA Links and Updates – Permits and Planning

Permits and Licenses.

Here are some great resources to help you obtain permits, licenses and plan a successful and safe canoe trip to the Boundary Waters and Quetico.


BWCA Resources

Boundary Waters- While Minnesota fishing licenses are always available here at Williams and Hall, they can also be purchased on-line at:

Minnesota fishing Regulations:

As in the past several years, Boundary Waters permits are also available on-line at:

Minnesota DNR Lake Finder- Valuable lake and fishing info:

Quetico Park Resources

Quetico Park- Ontario fishing licenses are available on-line! To purchase Ontario fishing licenses you can click on the following link:

Fishing regulations that cover Quetico Park:

Purchasing Ontario fishing licenses on-line is an easy alternative to purchasing at Prairie Portage. Also, on-line purchases appears to be the best option if entering through the south end of the Park.

Quetico Parks permits are also available on-line if you would like to reserve your own:

Canadian trips...don't forget your CanPass (Remote Area Border Crossing Pass)

Coming back into the U.S.

Make a Reservation

To Make Your Reservation On-Line:

Weather Forecast

7 Day forecast at Williams and Hall Outfitters on Moose Lake provided by the National Weather Service:

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Remember...We're happy to secure your camping permits at no extra charge!