Thank you for your interest in Summer Staff Employment at Williams and Hall Outfitters. Below you will find a list of the summer employment opportunities and expectations. After you have studied this if you want to be considered for employment please complete the enclosed application and return it to Williams and Hall along with a recent photo. You can complete and submit the application online or print off the pdf, complete the form and mail it to us.

We will contact you to set up an interview as soon as possible after we have received your application.

Please do not return your application without a photo. Also please be sure to identify your availability dates.

Summer Staff Work Opportunities


Generally, we hire students who have completed at least one year of College, however, sometimes we do consider exceptional high school students.  You must have a valid driver’s license with a good driving record.  A conservative professional image is expected.  A “Can Do” helpful and friendly disposition is a must.   We seek self-motivated employees that will take ownership of their job and be focused on servicing our customers.  Teamwork, honesty and a willingness to share in our commitment to quality are essential to successful employment at Williams and Hall.


Although employees are hired into specific assignments, they will be cross-trained to allow for coverage as needed to accommodate scheduling and peak service needs.  The following is a brief description of the positions that we have in our summer team.


This position requires attention to detail and a love of the outdoors.  You will spend most of your time outside. In this position, you will ensure that our equipment is in excellent condition for our customers.  You will be responsible for cleaning outfitting equipment (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tarps, packs, stoves, cook kits, and dishes, saws, axes, etc.)  and making repairs as needed to ensure that they are fully ready for service.  You will drive towboats ( think water taxi) and provide over-the-road transportation as assigned.  You will be responsible for loading and unloading the towboats, and over-the-road vehicles used to transport customers and their equipment.  You will need to be reasonably handy with tools and able to work without close supervision.  You will be responsible to see that canoes are cleaned and put away and that the dock area is clean and well organized.  You will do routine maintenance work on canoes, boats, and motors.  You will also do maintenance work as assigned on buildings and grounds.  There is definitely a lot of yard work. You may assist in the store with inventory, stocking, clean-up, and customer service. You will assist with garbage removal. You will work on projects when time permits and be cross-trained to assist with Housekeeping and the Kitchen as needed.


This too is a position that requires attention to detail and the ability to work without close supervision.  In this position, you ensure that our facilities are fresh and clean.  You will be responsible for cleaning all of our customer rooms, showers, bathrooms, sauna, office facilities, and store area.  You will exterminate cobwebs and ensure that all the outdoor walkways and deck areas are clean.  You will be responsible for doing the laundry of towels and bedding.  This position may include a split shift that may involve helping with the Kitchen or Outfitting when your housekeeping work is finished.  You will be cross-trained in the Kitchen and Outfitting. You may also assist with customer transport as required.


This position requires that you be good with people and enjoy cooking and working in a kitchen.  You need to be able to take direction from and work closely with the cooks.  You will be responsible for setup, serving, dishwashing, and clean-up of the kitchen and dining room.  You will be assigned baking and salad preparation duties.  You also will be asked to assist the cook with the preparation of meals.  This position involves long days with an extended break in the afternoon.  You will also be cross-trained in  Housekeeping and Outfitting and may also assist with customer transportation.


We are always looking for experienced cooks who understand how to put together family-style meals for large numbers of guests, and staff.  You must have a professional cooking experience.  Professional training and education are big pluses. We are impressed by a current Minnesota “Safe Serve” certificate. Our meals are prepared “cook’s choice.”  This means you will be completely responsible for the planning and preparation of the meals.  However, the Kitchen Manager has final responsibility for menus and purchasing.

General Information about Williams and Hall


Each employee will be provided by Williams and Hall shirts to be worn when you are working.  We expect employees to maintain a neat appearance when at work. This means your clothes and general appearance should be neat and clean.  You should have well-groomed hair and be clean-shaven (unless you have a well cared for beard).  For men, this means a relatively short and conservative hairstyle.  Employees are expected to maintain a positive and professional appearance and attitude and to be helpful and courteous to customers and fellow employees.


The crew works a six-day per week schedule of approximately 62 hours.  Our work demand fluctuates by the time of day and by day of the week.  Weekends, including Friday through Monday, are the busiest days of the week in the outfitter’s world. Early morning (7-10 am) and late afternoons (3-6:30 pm) are the peak periods of the day.  During the slower times, there will be project work, as well as time to catch up on maintenance.  The following are more details on what you can expect.


We open on the first of May and close the end of September.  The staff starts work on a staggered basis beginning the end of April with all the staff on-site by early June.  The majority of the staff is required through mid-August.  Some of the staff will be required into September right up until close.


Staff members work six days every week.  Days off are scheduled based on our workload.  Typically, days off will be Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Adjustments to the work schedule may be made to accommodate personal needs or workload demands.  These changes require advance approval.


Our days begin with breakfast at 6:30 am and usually end at about 5:30 pm with dinner.  The kitchen staff does their own thing, meaning they start early, finish late and have a break in the middle of the day.  Lunch is usually about 30 minutes or so, sometimes you will have to eat on the run depending on the towboat schedule.  Outfitting crew will be assigned to work late in the store on an as-needed and rotating basis.


First-year employees are paid a salary of $1,600.00 per month.  Our pay rates are very competitive with the market for outfitters in our area.  For Kitchen employees who tend to get large amounts of tips, their tips must be reported and are included as a part of their base pay, with a guarantee a minimum of $1,600.00 per month.  Other employees keep tips they may receive. All employees will be provided work shirts at no cost provided they honor the work end date they agreed to when they were hired. Any employee leaving in advance of their last scheduled day will be charged $100.00 for their work shirts.


Room and board are charged each in residence employee at a rate of $350.00.   Kitchen privileges and use of laundry facilities are included.


Sometimes in the past, we have had employees who were disappointed when they saw their take-home pay.  Remember, you must deduct room and board and state and federal taxes when you are estimating your take-home pay.  You control the amount of taxes that will be withheld by how you complete your W-4 tax form.  Remember college students may elect to have no taxes withheld.  The point is you need to be aware that your take-home pay does not equal your salary.


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