Green Naturally

Blue By Choice

At Williams and Hall, sustainability is a mission. we have an orientation to be green, to protect and preserve the environment. You can’t live and work within a 1/2 mile of the beauty and splendor of the Boundary Waters wilderness without feeling strongly about this special place we call Canoe Country.

But our philosophy is deeper than that. We choose to have a “blue” view of sustainability. Blue sustainability certainly incorporates green but goes beyond environmental issues. Blue sustainability includes a holistic view that includes health/wellbeing, creating a great culture for our customers and employees, and a great relationship with the community of Ely that surrounds us.

Sustainability as Part of Our Mission

“We believe that in wilderness experience life is enriched, character is strengthened, and the soul is refreshed. Therefore, we strive to provide excellent, engaging, fun and safe adventures in the wilderness enhanced by great lodging, reliable equipment, tasty food and expert local knowledge that inspires confidence for people of all ages. In doing so in an honest manner, we will help the human spirit to flourish and thrive.”

Words are One Thing

We Put Blue Sustainability in Action

Some of the ways we incorporate a blue orientation into our daily work and personal lives are as follows:

  • We are fanatical recyclers.
  • We have adopted a policy of utilizing sustainable building products.
  • Our team has embraced the US Forest Service “Leave No Trace” program, and provide
  • encouragement to all our guests to do likewise
  • We heat with wood in the winter. Wood is a renewable energy source.
  • We have converted appliances and accessories to high efficiency products.
  • We use online correspondence and marketing to reduce by over 50% our use of printed and paper products.

Williams and Hall

Promotes Sustainable Fishing And Boating Practices

  • Our team urges all our fishermen to practice catch and release fishing.
  • Out team encourages the use of non-leaded tackle and barbless hooks.
  • We have converted all our motor boats to new injection style motors that use 50% less fuel and run quiet.
Focus on fun and safety for our customers during their wilderness experience
  • Fun and safety for our customers are core values embedded in our mission statement.
  • Our customers are provided with high-quality and highly maintained equipment when they head off into the wilderness.
  • Our customers are provided with a thorough safety overview before heading into the wilderness.
  • We spend lots of time with our customers, before their trip to insure that they have a route and itinerary that meets their personal needs.
Involvement in the local community
  • Active in the Ely Chamber of Commerce where Blayne Hall has served as President
  • Active with the Ely Area Tourism Board where Blayne Hall has served as President
  • Participant in the Ely Outfitters Association where Blayne Hall has served as Secretary/Treasurer
  • Active in local church community
High Focus on Youth and Young Adults
  • Our team works with all our youth group customers on how to practically conduct themselves in the wilderness.
  • We have been long-time leaders in the Boy Scouts of America, serving in various Troop and Troop Committee leadership positions over the years.

We hire several college-age students each year, offering an excellent environment for them to learn about customer service, leadership and entrepreneurship.