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Looking for a challenge this summer for your troop? Explore the BWCA boundary waters canoe area on a multi-day canoeing adventure through one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the country.

Your adventure begins in the BWCA with Williams and Hall, as we walk your troop through basics like learning to paddle, how to portage, and sleeping in the backcountry. Contact Us to get your trip planned and booked today!  Experience the great outdoors on the water and in ways you never thought you could on this amazing adventure outdoor experience.

We Need to Get Girl Scouts Out In the BWCA

Every year, at Williams and Hall, we help send multitudes of Boy Scouts into the BWCA wilderness.  We are proud of this because we think the boys learn something about themselves that they never knew before.  They are a little better for the experience.But where are the girls?  We are lucky to have...
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