More Than Just Business – Mission and Core Values

At Williams and Hall, we are on a mission to create and deliver adventures for our customers that will be memorable, safe and even a little bit life-changing. We want our customers to go into the Boundary Waters and Quetico and have the trip of a life time. It is more than just business for us, it is our passion.  Our mission and core values reflect this.

Our Mission

We believe that in wilderness experience life is enriched, character is strengthened, and the soul is refreshed. Therefore, we strive to provide excellent, engaging, fun and safe adventures in the wilderness enhanced by great lodging, reliable equipment, tasty food and expert local knowledge that inspires confidence for people of all ages. In doing so in an honest manner, we will help the human spirit to flourish and thrive.

Our Core Values

Having a mission is one thing but living it requires more. It requires a set of core values that our team practices every day. At Williams and Hall we try to adhere to the following values:

  1. Always honest, moral, ethical and legal
  2. High customer experience standard
  3. Safety for customers and employees
  4. Passionate about the Boundary Waters and Quetico wildernesses
  5. Enduring spirit of excellence and adventure
  6. Contribute to a thriving and flourishing world
  7. Work hard and have fun

Our Promise to Our Customers

We take our mission and core values seriously.  We are committed to doing everything we can so that you will have a safe and rewarding wilderness adventure. Connect with Williams and Hall today. We’re looking forward to your planning your next Boundary Waters Adventure with us!